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Pistachio People Bowl / Ceramic, glaze and Embroidery Floss.                 NFS
Incognito / Ceramic, multi-glaze front and back
18" tall        $500
Head rests inside shell to dismantle for safe travel
Blowfish / Ceramic, glaze, wood and wire  NFS

Pistachio Person, Glazed ceramic

with embroidery floss hair and fan.


wirehead TH.jpg

"Prickly Head" Glazed Ceramic with Copper wire hair / tongue sticks out / wired for wall hanging.

(Approx. 11" x 14"            $150.00

Faux Mounted Tiles 

(Paper clay molds made with antique jewelry settings (Gloss finish) mounted on faux stone finish canvas. 

8" x 10"       $ 60.00 ea       Contact me for availability

Floral Tile 4.jpg
Templar Tile
Floral Tile 1 Web_edited.jpg
Floral Impressions Tile 1
Floral Tile 3.jpg
Gabriele Tile
Floral Tile 2 Web.jpg
Floral Impressions Tile 2
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