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My Digital Print-Paint Process

 My process starts by comping my photo images or painted original portions together in Photoshop. I apply filters or color alternates and add brush and textures. I then decide the how to layer and transfer the image in smaller sections to a inkjet printer which has to print in reverse of the image of my comp. I print on a 8.5" x 11" sheet of glossy Chromeco stock. As it comes off the printer I turn over each section onto a dampened heavy watercolor stock and roll over with a heavy ink roller and carefully removing the transfer sheet so it does not smudge while keeping track of what layers to turn on and off to print. The hard part is keeping these multiple images in line with each other on each pass. The process works best in stages letting each transfer dry before lining up an adjacent image layer. It also can go very wrong on a 7th or 8th pass which may be scraped. I only produce one good image from my transfer process. When I am happy with the result, I will embellish it with watercolor, ink, charcoal or even collage. I treat the finished sheet with a UV protection spray. I have framed originals hanging that are over 20 years old that are still vibrant. Each of my originals is unique and I have not duplicated any to date.

The SlayerFAA.jpg

The Slayer


16"x 20"

Digital Transfer Composite /Archival Inks / Watercolor / Charcoal

The center design is from a large ceramic piece I made shown below.

Original (unframed): $250.00

Ceramic sculpture of abstract figure

"Black Birds"

16" x 20"


Photoshop, 5 Image transfers (Canon Pro) to Sommerset Rag paper, Watercolor, Charcoal

This piece started as a Photoshop composite of snippets from a foliage photograph. The birds seemed to appear out of nowhere and they reminded me of "Hitchcocks" masterpiece, "The Birds". When I really explored, I found so many more birds. One of my darkest pieces yet but that could be a sign of the times.

Original $ 250.00 (unframed)

Contact me if framing wanted.

I will scan a high resolution for my print service if wanted.

Abstract composition of fashion print borders, printed materials and a particular doll dress


2023 August

16"x 18"

Digital Transfer Composite /Archival Inks / Watercolor

Composited in Photoshop of different material textures I scan in and of course a hat! It evolved to the big "O" at top which I find so pleasing to look at. Omega is attached to the Greek alphabet and to a complicated scientific formula. A simple piece that gives me the sense of floating.

Original $ 300.00 (unframed)

Contact me if framing wanted or posted to a print site as I have had it scanned.

Silver linings Photo WEB_edited.jpg

Silver Linings


24"x 24"

Digital Transfer Composite /Archival Inks / Metallic Paint / Ink & Charcoal

This is a photo of the piece so it is hard to see the nuances of the metallic paint but it is not overpowering. It is in cue to be scanned.

Many things die but you have to keep rolling, reinventing to keep those feet moving one in front of another and see what is around the corner. Transform yourself every day into the person you wanted to be in your prime and remember the good fading memories.

Original $ 300.00 (unframed)

Contact me if framing wanted or posted to a print site once I have it scanned.

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