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My Digital Print-Paint Process

 This is a reverse image process using a ink jet color printer, archive inks, transfer sheet and quality watercolor paper to print on. The effects that the transfer process achieve are textured or sometimes ghosted with a photographic nuance that I love.

 My process starts by comping my photo images or previous painted portions together in Photoshop. I apply filters or color alternates. I then decide the how to transfer the image in smaller sections using layers to a inkjet printer. I transfer each section onto a heavy watercolor stock keeping these multiple images in line with each other on each pass. The process works best in stages. It also can go very wrong on a 7th or 8th pass which will be scraped. I only produce one good image from my transfer process. When I am happy with the result, I will embellish it with watercolor, ink, charcoal or even collage. I treat the finished sheet with a UV protection spray. I have prints hanging that are over 20 years old that are still vibrant.

The SlayerWeb.jpg

This is work in progress. This is the first stage where I compose a digital image in Photoshop. I have yet to transfer it to paper and embellish.

Check back to see how it turns out.


"Black Birds" 16" x 20"


Photoshop, 5 Image transfers (Canon Pro) to Sommerset Rag paper, Watercolor, Charcoal

This piece started as a Photoshop composite of snippets from a foliage photograph. The birds seemed to appear out of nowhere and they reminded me of "Hitchcocks" masterpiece, "The Birds". When I really explored, I found so many more birds. One of my darkest pieces yet but that could be a sign of the times.

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