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"March Madness" Mixed Media 23" x 23"

All renderings are designed in Photoshop using my own photographic images and artwork. I then transfer the images to acid free paper in sections with archival inks. This process creates a unique intrigue in texture and the chance of how each transfer pass will survive. Typically there are at least 12 different transfer passes. Once I am happy with all the passes and composition, I then add my own hand in watercolor to the piece. Only one original piece is created. These are not single digital composite prints from Photoshop.

Work in Progress  2020 March Amid Madness

Patterns SMALL.002.png
Patterns SMALL.003.png
Mid MarchSmall.jpg
Patterns SMALL.010.png

I have created brush sets to enable me to create patterns.

I also use them to create a working sketch model in B&W that is easier to transfer to a quality paper stock to add my own color embellishments. Some may say "why not just draw it or paint it directly?" but I love the print effect that the transfer process produces. My printing background is hard to ignore.

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